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My Entrepreneurial Journey

The journey of Techno India Group, though exactly cannot be called rags- to- riches story, but is no less commendable. It all started from a computer training centre. From a humble computer training centre it has grown into the largest educational conglomerate of Eastern India - the progress path was not all through very smooth. At that point of time, private engineering colleges were not much in number. Sheer willpower, hard work and the courage to plan much ahead of time made it possible.

Being 30 years in business, Techno India Group with 55,000 plus student base, now stands out to be one of the largest knowledge management groups in India. I must say , the staff members put immense effort to earn the trust of the students and parents and we have earned , the opportunity for establishing the first private university in West Bengal.

I have the cordial relation with the media. Techno India Group has taken over the reputed Bengali daily 'Aajkaal' and I hold the position of the Chairman of Aajkaal Publishers Pvt.Ltd..

I have some social responsibilities as an entrepreneur. I am the President of 'Prerona', a social organization that aims at providing the destitute boys with rehabilitation opportunities and I am associated with "Kolkata for Kolkata", whose vision is to make Kolkata an Age-Friendly City for which a comprehensive project has been planned in association with WHO.

Techno India Group has recently collaborated with Brasil Futebol Academia run by legendary footballers like Barreto and Beto to launch School Football Training Programme in West Bengal, North Eastern states & Sikkim. An international sports academy is coming up near Kolkata.

Techno India Group is actively involved in promoting Bengali art and culture in India and abroad by acknowledging artists and giving them various platforms to showcase their talents. Techno India Group is regularly invited to the NRI meets in Europe, America, Canada for taking part in business as well as cultural programmes.

I love to take up challenges and set newer goals for myself each day. I am never contented and I lead my team to reach new heights as the group moves on. I am proud to be an Indian, committed to upholding the essence of our heritage in the international arena.