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6TH Globalised Education Forum

The 6th Globalised Education Forum, the Flagship Conference of the Indian Chamber of Commerce, was held on 29th February 2024, Thursday, in Le Meridien, New Delhi. The Summit Theme was “Inclusive Education: Promoting Inclusivity in Education, in the Perspective of Universal Design of Learning”.

In the Inaugural Session, Mr Satyam Roychowdhury (Chairman, ICC National Expert Committee on Higher Education & Training; Chancellor, Sister Nivedita University and Founder Managing Director Techno India Group said that the philosophy of inclusive education promotes the idea that every student, regardless of their circumstances or skills, should have an equal chance to acquire knowledge, develop, and succeed.

Summit Chair Prof. (Dr.) Maitree Bhattacharyya (Director, Jagadis Bose National Science Talent Search) highlighted that the extension and universalization of an inclusive approach is a goal and challenge for educational systems around the globe.

Prof. Anil D. Sahasrabudhe (Chairman, National Educational Technology Forum & National Board of Accreditation) highlighted the tenets of accessibility, equity, affordability, quality and accountability that are focal points of the education system and the role of technology in enabling them. The requirement is for converting information into knowledge and using technology for personalized learning through a Universal SOP but not a Universal Curriculum. Dr. Abhay Jere (Vice Chairman, AICTE), mentioned the Regulatory Body’s thrust on bringing socially, economically backward sections; women; gifted children who are extraordinary learners within the ambit of inclusivity. As a part of its accomplishments, 43% of STEM students are girls and under Viksit Bharat the goal is to take it up to 50%. More than 15,000 college teachers and 10,000 school teachers have been trained under the Innovation Ambassador Programme to nurture students into innovators.

His Excellency Mr. Kimmo Lahdevirta (Ambassador of Finland to India, Embassy of Finland, new Delhi), mentioned the initiatives that both Finland and India are taking to harness learners’ skills to practice for their success. Equity and trust are also the pillars of Finnish education and faculty members’ research-based teaching enables students to achieve successful outcomes.

Other speakers at the conference were Prof Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay, Vice Chancellor of Sister Nivedita University, Prof Anupam Basu, Raja Ramanna Chair, Mr Dipan Sahu Innovation Director AICTE and Prof. (Dr.) Mohua Banerjee (Member, ICC National Expert Committee on Higher Education & Training; Director, IMI Kolkata)